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Hello Kitty Games

The Wonderful World of Hello Kitty Games

Welcome to the wonderful world of Hello Kitty Games! There are a great number of easily accessible and fun to play games available for free online. Hello Kitty Games are dynamic, enjoyable, and easy to learn. Kids who are either energetic or patient will all find a game that most suits their personality. Many websites offer long lists of games that can keep children searching and playing for a long time, without losing interest. Let's take a sneak peak at some of the most lively and entertaining Hello Kitty Games out there!

Hello Kitty Dress Up

This is a dynamic dress up game where you get the chance to choose Kitty's wardrobe. You can choose from hats, fashionable shades, wigs of all colours, even a Santa Clause hat and a Darth Vader mask! Matching skills are important here. They can choose clothes for winter, clothes for the beach, costumes, etc.

Hello Kitty Coloring Page

A classic colouring book made fun and accessible in the digital world. Choose from a full colour pallet as well as a number of different brushes. This game will make a kid's creative world come alive.

Hello Kitty Room Decoration

This hello kitty game allows the player to start with an empty bedroom, while choosing from a long list of furniture and accessories to best decorate and fill the room. Kids will have fun while matching colours and learning all the objects of a bedroom.

Hello Kitty Jigsaw

This is a wonderful little virtual jigsaw puzzle that will challenge and entertain kids, Choose from a pile of virtual puzzle pieces and try to discover the hidden pictures. There are even guidelines in case kids need an extra helping hand.

Hello Kitty Jewels

A fun matching game allows kids to practice visual matching skills by choosing two of the same image in order to make them disappear. Kids will have to figure out the rules of the game in order to enjoy. This image recognition game is sure to be enjoyed.

Hello Kitty Racing

One of the most entertaining games allows kids to choose their favorite character and race on roller skates. By pressing "z" and "x" as fast as possible, they will increase in speed in order to beat two opponents. If you win, the game increases in levels and in difficulty.

All of the Hello Kitty Games are well designed and many also come with music. Kids will love searching through the variety of games to play. They will quickly find one they love and continue playing until the game is mastered. They are not just purely for entertainment though. Children will practice many learning skills, like image recognition, hand eye co-ordination, and quick thinking. Most of these games are free to use and are found on websites that are exclusively for kids, meaning that it is safe to let children click on the different links on these websites. If you are looking for games kids will love, try out Hello Kitty games! Enjoy!